For K - 12 and beyond

Our programs are focused on improving ones-self through the primacy of self discovery and the transferable skills of learning in the natural world to our everyday lives. 

Our range of programs are extensive and unique for everyone of our
clients. For us to tailor a program suited to your students please get in touch





We can customise our programs to meet the needs of the school and the age of the students.
Our programs contribute toward the mandatory PDHPE hours required for eligibility for the award of the Record of School Achievement by NSW Education.
The activities we facilitate help build valuable self confidence, environmental awareness and team working skills in students...and they are a ton of fun.


Optimum Experiences delivers a watered down version of our intensive corporate team development programs to your schools leaders whether it be student mentors, SRC or your entire year 12.
With endless outcomes and possibilities this program is designed to bring the most out of your schools leadership team by creating self awareness, building on the values of community and inspiring a positive team culture.



Canoeing, mountain biking and hiking we deliver complete custom expeditions based on the groups size and age. From 5 day expeditions to smaller overnight expeditions these journeys are a wonderful opportunity for students to challenge themselves in a wilderness environment.


Gather your staff, students or group, join the adventure and hone your skiing or snowboarding skills. 
You will experience the best Thredbo has to offer with beginner, intermediate and advanced slopes, and the longest ski runs in Australia. Our package gets you stepping out of our luxurious, ski in ski out resort, straight into the snow!