1. Optimum Abseiling: Beginner Basics

    Nothing comes close to the satisfaction of reaching the summit. You’ve worked and worked and your muscles burn and the sweat drips in your eyes and it stings. But it’s OK because that means you have achieved success at something that required you to put your grit and heart on the line. What a rush! But the thing non-climbers don’t understand is that the trip up is only half the journey. Onc…Read More

  2. Benefits of Corporate Adventure Team Building

    Traditional team building is something that many corporations and business do not heavily invest in. There are a variety of reasons for this oversight—it takes time, it costs money, employees don’t show up—and some of those are justifiable. After all, the results of team building activities are only as good as the effort and time put into them. But what if team building activities could be b…Read More

  3. Schedule Your Next Youth Retreat With Optimum Experiences

    Kids look forward to their Youth Retreats all year long. It’s a time to be together with their friends and to learn and grow as young adults and young believers. It’s also a time to enjoy once in a lifetime experiences in the wildness and beauty of nature. We can’t think of a better place to schedule your Youth Retreat than with us here at Optimum Experiences. We have high-quality facilities…Read More

  4. Fitzroy Falls Conference and Event Venue Part II

    Welcome back! Last time we began a two-part series on some of the incredible events that businesses, schools, and families can hold at our beautiful Fitzroy Falls Conference and Adventure Centre. If you missed it, you can find it here. Today we are wrapping up our series by highlighting two more events our venues are perfectly suited for. Buck and Hen Outdoor Adventure Parties Looking to get away …Read More

  5. Fitzroy Falls Conference and Event Venue

    Here at Optimum Experiences, we pride ourselves on our amazing venues and our outdoor education programs. Adventurers from all over Australia have enjoyed the beauty of the Southern Highlands Rainforest at the Fitzroy Falls Conference and Adventure Centre. Youth groups have worshipped in the glory of nature, experiencing the spiritual rejuvenation that only nature seems to bring. Corporate retreat…Read More

  6. Welcome!

    Welcome to Optimum Experiences Outdoor Adventures, NSW Australia's Top Rated Local® outdoor adventure and team building specialists. This is where you will find tips, news, and updates concerning our programs and services, so check back often! Today, we’d like to take the opportunity to tell you a bit more about who we are and what we do. Who We Are Optimum Experience at Fitzroy Falls was star…Read More